Mudiwa Hood Publicly Displays Man Caught Stealing While Abandoning Own Cousin Marry Chiwenga
25 April 2023
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By Showbiz Reporter | The musician often criticised over his work for the notorious #GOLDMAFIA Prophet Uebert Angel, Mudiwa Hood has won hearts after rescuing a man caught in the act committing theft crime.

Praises for Mudiwa come despite the fact that his stunt has been pulled at a time when he failed to publicly support his own cousin, Marry Mubaiwa who’s enduring worse humiliation than that of the man he is donating to.

Mudiwa, real surname, Mtandwa, is on video walking Mr Paradzai Mesi around, and below is his blogging update:

Mudiwa Mtandwa walking around the struggling man he is donating to

I took Mr Paradzai Mesi on an infinite budget shopping after buying him his favourite suit…,
Everything he picked I paid for it… asked to take everything in fours… at least month anodhonza…

However little did i know i was going to meet prayerful people in the shop who will start praying for me…😢, yes i bought him things… but i also need prayers to get on with this life.


I am so humbled and deeply honored to get an opportunity to show love to a music legend, Minamato yenyu ndinoitenda hamaweee