#GOLDMAFIA- “Mnangagwa Was A Secret Rhodesian Project To Infiltrate Mugabe, ZANU?”
29 April 2023
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When Grace Mugabe in 2017 told the world Emmerson Mnangagwa once tried to topple President Robert Mugabe at the end of the war in 1979, it didn’t make sense, but all is now coming clear with revelations that Mnangagwa’s age was adjusted in the early 1970s by the Rhodesian regime in order for him to infiltrate ZANU PF and return the country to corrupt white businessmen, as the Al Jazeera documentary, #GOLDMAFIA shows. The documentary shows one of the white Zimbabweans mocking black people, and two of them welding more power than the entire govt of Zimbabwe.

By Baba Jukwa | President Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed to respond to a live report that he was a double agent for Ian Smith’s Rhodesian Front, as published by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) sources, and also by respected Zimbabwean war veterans. The serious allegations, if true, would represent a significant breach of trust between Mnangagwa and the people of Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa’s fake pardon, under the guise that he was too young at the time of commision of a train vandalism offence; forged birth certificates, all indicate, after his age was dropped to 17, he was sponsored to go to Zambia and later Mozambique to sabotage the liberation struggle.

Mnangagwa has so far admitted on video that contrary to reports that he worked as a lawyer in Zambia before joining the war effort in 1977, he has not done any formal work at all since 1960- 2023.

Mr. Mnangagwa is still to respond to other live allegations since they were sounded out at a heated press conference in Harare in 2019 by respected war veterans who exposed him as a johnny come late who gatecrashed into leadership.

Said war veteran, Karen Kazingizi:

“So I want to know these comrades who go around cutting voters’ hands, to find out: are they real comrades, or they are Mugabe’s people he took from Ian Smith’s mercenaries? ….

“The same people he now gives the war vet badge, which soils our image..

“So that’s one other thing we are working on our identity. We are not trying to be these ugly people that the whole nation now thinks we are. Did you ever see us? They put this type of a picture in front of you, of a personality cult who you must worship. The Phillip Chiyangwa type we did not have them at all during the war, the Chiyangwas, they are the richest of them. Can you show me one comrade that you know who went into government in 1980, who was trained like us? Even those who were the seniors, like Muzenda where are they?,” she asked.

Emmerson Mnangagwa is one of them (a male journalist vet quipped in suggesting), to which Kazingizi said,

“Comrade Emmerson came out of prison, according to the history I know; after coming out of prison, he went over to study law, isn’t it?

“After studying law, he was also recruited by Robert Mugabe, to replace those who were fighting the war.

“When the war finished, when Mugabe had ended the war, the people who had elected him to lead them from the Mgagao Declaration, he had chopped them all off, all of them the Gamatox and other factions without number. He kicked all of them out accusing them of betraying the struggle. You know, we don’t want to end up telling the truth, but I think the youth deserve to know the truth.”

Meanwhile, the CIA allegations stem from Mnangagwa’s past business dealings, including a joint venture with a man who was involved in bombings in Mozambique. Additionally, his relationships with white partners who have been accused of exploiting Zimbabwean resources have raised concerns.

While these allegations have not been proven and everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, they do raise important questions about Mnangagwa’s past and his relationships with various groups. It is imperative that these allegations are thoroughly investigated in order to determine the truth.

If Mnangagwa is found to be a double agent, it would represent a betrayal of the trust placed in him by the people of Zimbabwe. As a former hero of the liberation struggle, his alleged involvement with the Rhodesian Front would be particularly distressing for those who fought for Zimbabwe’s independence.

However, if Mnangagwa is found to be innocent, it would be unfair to continue to tarnish his reputation based on unproven allegations. In either case, it is essential that justice is served and that the people of Zimbabwe are able to move forward with leaders who they can trust to work in their best interests.

It is important to remember that allegations such as these can have serious consequences and that they should be treated with the utmost care and attention. In order for Zimbabwe to move forward and continue on its path towards progress, it is necessary for these allegations to be resolved through a fair and transparent process.

Ultimately, the goal should be to ensure that the people of Zimbabwe are able to have confidence in their leaders and that the country can continue to move forward towards a brighter future.