Witch Doctor’s Wife In Bed With Another Man
12 May 2023
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Since sangomas are thought to possess powerful spiritual abilities to detect infidelity in their spouses or partners, dating or being married to one is not something to take lightly.

The advise is to always be cautious around them before making a major error in your life. Never cross or underestimate their ancestral or spiritual gifts. They are also thought to be able to see it before it even occurs.

However, one sangoma’s spiritual abilities from Fox Farm in Glendale, Mashonaland Central region, were questioned after one of his wives had an extramarital affair with his best friend.

After seeing his wife Petronella Ngulube in bed with his friend Trymore Kademaunga, Prince Chauruka (24), is said to have cursed his muthi for not being indestructible.

“I am a traditional healer and I have two wives and each has got two children.

“I got angry after I found the complainant stark naked in bed with one of my wives. The complainant is my friend. I hit him with a water glass and I am sorry for my actions,” pleaded Chauruka.

Precious Khanye appeared for the State.-state media