Citizens Vow To Confront Mnangagwa Over Moreblessing Ali Brutal Murder
26 May 2023
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CCC Namibia demands justice for the butchered Moreblessing Ali!

24 May 2023

Today marks twelve (12) months after the enforced disappearance and gruesome human butchery of the slain CCC activist Moreblessing Ali in Nyatsime, Chitungwiza. Citizens Coalition for Change is busy ruminating on the efficacious measures to be taken to ensure that justice prevails over this authoritarian nature of leadership. After being butchered by a renowned ZANU PF hoodlum, Moreblessing Ali is not yet buried.

It is mesmerizing and transfixing that murderers are still displaying their insatiable appetite to continue tormenting the innocent soul of the deceased, her family, and the CCC political outfit at large by keeping Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala behind bars. The family made it point-blank that the deceased shall not be buried until the family spokesperson and lawyer is unconditionally released from the hellhole of Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison on concocted charges. Moreblessing Ali deserves a befitting send-off.

The incessant denial of justice for both Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala and Moreblessing Ali should be peacefully challenged through the legal and political avenues as per the dictates of the supreme law of the country. It is our revolutionary mandate as change champions to extend our demand for justice to SADC, AU, European Union, and the United Nations. After one year, right-thinking citizens should pent up their outrage demanding justice, freedom, and equality in the local courts.

CCC Namibia has declared the 24th of May 2023 a day of mourning over sterile democracy in the motherland. It is now imperative to amplify our voices demanding answers to the apparent travesty of justice in Zimbabwe. Moreblessing Ali did not commit any crime, supporting the alternative should never invite assassinations. Everyone is free to join a political party of his\her choice. CCC is not a banned organization. The organic assembly sympathizes with the bereaved family.

ZANU PF-sponsored judges must respect the rule of law and constitutionalism. Ali and Sikhala families deserve peace of mind. These monkey tactics displayed by the clueless regime should be confronted with equal measure. As Zimbabwe heads toward harmonized elections in August, we anticipate the Harare regime to create a conducive environment for free, fair, credible, and unfettered elections. The Provisional Chairperson for CCC Namibia Rundu Branch, Dr. Simbarashe Ndoda echoed that the continued incarceration of Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala is a futile attempt by the politically bankrupt regime to intimidate and deter social democrats ahead of the historic elections.

He further aired that ZANU-PF has pressed the panic button hence citizens should not backtrack on demanding justice, equality, and freedom. The organic champion urged citizens across the globe to exert political and diplomatic pressure advocating for absolute respect for the Constitution. Zimbabweans should brace for dangerous freedom as a sure way of defending the vote. We should devise peaceful means to shake the Shake-Shake Building which has housed abusers of the universal basic human freedoms since the inception of the simulacrum of phony independence in April 1980 as Frantz Fanon postulates.

Sanity should provoke massive peaceful resistance among the committed and dedicated patriots who subscribe to the national democratic revolution engineered by none other than the political generator President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. The voice from CCC Namibia says, “#FreeJobSaroWiwaSikhala, we want to decently bury our deceased change champion, Moreblessing Ali !” The Ali family deserves peace and tranquility. Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala did not commit any crime to deserve this long pre-trial detention.

Let’s soldier on in solidarity with the bereaved family as well as political prisoners such as Wiwa, Jacob Ngarivhume, the ZINASU FOUR, etc. The captured police and courts should desist from this stinking weaponization of the law. Justice delayed is justice denied. Trying to close the democratic arena ahead of the watershed elections should not frighten anyone. Let’s be ready to VOTE BIG!, WIN BIG! and DEFEND BIG! Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana.







Free, Fair, credibleAndUnfetteredElections


CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Provisional Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya