Step Aside For Mthuli, Jonathan Moyo Tells Thokozani Khupe
4 June 2023
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A former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has urged Dr Thokozani Khupe to step aside for Professor Mthuli Ncube in the upcoming parliamentary election in Cowdray Park. Posting on Twitter, Moyo said Dr Khupe is a “beloved figure” in the region, but that Mthuli Ncube is the best person to represent the area in Parliament. “Dr Khupe has done a lot for the people of Cowdray Park, but she has been in Parliament for 20 years and has not been able to achieve all that she set out to do,” the minister said. “Professor Ncube is a fresh face with new ideas, and he has the experience and the connections to get things done.” Moyo also said that Dr Khupe would be better off using her experience to support Professor Ncube in his campaign. “Dr Khupe could play a key role in Professor Ncube’s campaign,” the minister said. “She could help him to connect with the people of Cowdray Park and to get their support.” Dr Khupe has not yet announced whether she will stand for re-election in Cowdray Park. However, she has said that she is committed to serving the people of the region. “I will continue to fight for the rights of the people of Cowdray Park,” Dr Khupe said. “I will never give up on them.” The election in Cowdray Park is expected to be closely contested. Dr Khupe is facing a challenge from Mthuli Ncube, as well as from several independent candidates. The election will be held on August 23, 2023.