Zanu PF Losing Parliamentary Candidates Vow To Contest On Kasukuwere Ticket
19 June 2023
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By A Correspondent

There are panic stations inside Shake-shake building as Zanu PF candidates who lost primary elections have vowed to support Saviour Tyson Kasukuwere.

Kasukuwere is challenging Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa for the Presidency on August 23, 2023.

The candidates reportedly lost primary elections due to full scale rigging.

“We are behind Saviour, we will run as independent candidates and our Presidential candidate is Kasukuwere, we are over 100, ” said one Zanu PF official from Gokwe.

Another Zanu PF official urged party supporters to join hands on 23 August to re-elect ED. He also exhorted party zealots to move from primary election frustrations.