Mnangagwa: US Mustn’t Use Us Against Putin
29 June 2023
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ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa has firmly stated that he will not succumb to pressure from the United States and its allies to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Mnangagwa, addressing a Presidential interface meeting with small to medium scale miners in Gweru, emphasized that Zimbabwe remains an independent and sovereign nation and will resist any attempts to force it to take sides in conflicts between other countries.

During his address, Mnangagwa revealed that there have been efforts by Washington to persuade Harare to align itself with one side in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. However, Mnangagwa emphasized the importance of promoting dialogue and diplomacy rather than taking sides. He highlighted that both Russia and Zimbabwe have been victims of American sanctions, and if Zimbabwe were to support one side, it would naturally align with a fellow victim of these sanctions.

Mnangagwa recalled a conversation with American President Joe Biden, who urged him to distance Zimbabwe from Russia and support a particular position. However, Mnangagwa questioned the rationale behind such a request, pointing out that both Zimbabwe and Russia share the experience of being targeted by American sanctions. He argued that victims of the same sanctions should be able to engage in dialogue and find common ground.

Mnangagwa emphasized that under the Second Republic, Zimbabwe is actively pursuing engagement with all countries and international organizations without seeking to make enemies. Mnangagwa expressed the desire to re-establish relationships with those who had previously disengaged from Zimbabwe for various reasons. He emphasized that while engagement is crucial, Zimbabwe will maintain its independence and not allow itself to be swayed by the conflicts between other nations.

Furthermore, Mnangagwa revealed that Zimbabwe is in the process of applying for adoption into the G20 countries, expressing the nation’s aspiration to be part of the global community.

In a separate statement, Mnangagwa called upon Zimbabweans to campaign and vote peacefully during the harmonized elections scheduled for August 23. He described Zimbabwe as one of the most peaceful nations in Africa and urged citizens to participate in the electoral process and support the ruling ZANU-PF party. Mnangagwa highlighted the country’s ongoing economic recovery and attributed it to the developmental and all-encompassing economic policies of the Second Republic.

As Zimbabwe looks ahead to the future, Mnangagwa’s remarks emphasize the nation’s commitment to maintaining its independence and sovereignty while engaging with the international community on its own terms. The President’s stance reflects Zimbabwe’s desire to promote dialogue and peaceful resolutions to conflicts, rather than being coerced into taking sides.-state media