Soldiers Distribute Zanu PF Regalia
25 July 2023
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By- Zanu PF is using members of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) to distribute its campaign regalia at rallies.

According to The Standard, soldiers last week dished out President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s campaign rally in Centenary, Mashonaland Central, on Saturday.
Soldiers in uniform were seen distributing ZANU PF caps and t-shirts some 2km away from the rally venue.

In his address at the rally, Mnangagwa said no party could remove ZANU PF from power. He said:

We are aware of other political parties here in Zimbabwe. They are allowed to realise their desires to rule this country, but I can tell you that it is not easy when ZANU PF is in power.

You are children of freedom fighters, who suffered during the liberation war and we know when we come here you will defend the country’s heritage and retain ZANU PF when we go to the elections on August 23.

If you are paid to cause violence just spend the money quietly because if we know about it, we will deal with you.

ZANU PF reportedly bussed thousands of supporters to the venue, as has been its custom during previous rallies.

Some of the villagers, who failed to get the free fried chicken and chips, hampers, party regalia and other goodies promised by ZANU PF, were left disgruntled.

At the rally, Mnangagwa received former MDC-T spokesperson, Witness Dube and other MPs who left MDC-T to join ZANU PF.