Usafarisa, Chamisa Tells Mnangagwa
29 July 2023
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CCC leader Nelson Chamisa has launched an angry tirade against President Emmerson Mnangagwa whom he accuses of masterminding a court ban on 12 party parliamentary candidates in Bulawayo.

Addressing party supporters at a campaign rally in Kadoma on Thursday, Chamisa said Mnangagwa should take responsibility for driving the country into anarchy through disqualifying opponents from the electoral process.

“Usafarisa (stop being too excited).

“No one will be in power forever. He (Mnangagwa) should ask (former President Mugabe) on this matter.

“He should ask (former Libya President Gadaffi), he should ask (former DRC President) Mobutu Sese Seko; no matter how strong a dictator, your time will come.”

Chamisa vowed to resist the disqualification of party candidates in Bulawayo.

He further accused Mnangagwa of unnecessarily bringing anarchy into the country by resorting to underhand tactics to gain poll head start.