Mnangagwa’s Girlfriend Says ED Ordained By God To Win 2023
3 August 2023
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Mabel Chinomona

By Farai D Hove | In a startling announcement that has left the nation in awe, Mabel Chinomona, the girlfriend of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has declared that her boyfriend has been ordained by God Almighty to lead the country. Speaking at a rally held in Mutare Central last week, Mabel Chinomona, who is also the Zanu PF Women’s League secretary, passionately proclaimed that opposing Mnangagwa’s leadership would be equivalent to challenging the divine will of God.

Addressing the League structures in Manicaland, Chinomona urged party members to support Mnangagwa in the upcoming August 23, 2023 elections, emphasizing the need to allow him to complete the developmental projects he is currently implementing across the province.

“You want to wrestle power from our divinely anointed saviour Emmerson Mnangagwa. We all know the good work done by our first secretary in Zanu PF. We must let him finish the developmental projects he is implementing across the province,” she asserted.

Despite her endorsement of Mnangagwa, Chinomona also expressed concern over the low representation of women in the province, highlighting that there are only two female Zanu PF candidates in Manicaland. The number has decreased from eight in the 2018 elections, prompting her to encourage women to rally behind their fellow female candidates contesting the upcoming elections.

The League’s national political commissar, Maybe Mbowa, also weighed in on the issue, warning against voting for the opposition. Mbowa argued that supporting opposition parties would be akin to handing the country back to colonizers on a silver platter, advocating for continued support for Mnangagwa’s leadership.

The announcement has sparked intense discussions across the nation, with citizens sharing mixed reactions to the claim of divine ordination. While some fervently support Mnangagwa’s leadership, citing his achievements and developmental projects, others view the statement as an attempt to sway voters through religious appeals.

As the election date approaches, Zimbabwe remains divided, with the electorate faced with the decision of supporting the incumbent president, who is allegedly “divinely anointed,” or opting for opposition candidates who promise a different vision for the nation’s future.

The impact of Mabel Chinomona’s announcement is likely to be felt in the coming days, as the nation grapples with the intersection of politics and religious beliefs. As events unfold, citizens and observers alike eagerly await the outcome of the upcoming elections and the response from the opposition to the assertion of divine endorsement for President Mnangagwa’s leadership.