Dr Mavaza Responds To The Statement By The American Embassy | FULL TEXT
24 August 2023
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | It is now time to thank President Emmerson D Mnangagwa by voting for him today. ZANU PF is proud of him as he demonstrated such brilliant and succulent articulation of a campaign message which is pregnant with scholarly and solomonic wisdom. Those with ears let them hear and act accordingly as they enter the ballot box.

But we are surely obliged to comment on the illadvised American statement on the eve of the elections. It was a statement that concretises things. A statement meant to attack our elections before they start.

The Americans have a long history of interfering in other countries affairs. Their statement clearly shows a concentrated Foreign electoral intervention. This is an attempt by the American government covertly or overtly, to influence elections in another country.

Since the 19th century, the United States government has participated and interfered, both overtly and covertly, in the replacement of many foreign governments. At the onset of the 20th century, the United States shaped or installed governments in many countries around the world, including neighbors Hawai`i, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. It is not surprising that America is eying Zimbabwe with a horrible eye and wishes to see a regime change.

Now looking at the statement by the American embassy in Zimbabwe there is no doubt that it does not belong outside the dust bin.

America should be reminded that a single incident of violence does not render an election unfair. Isolated incidences of violence must be treated as a crime and not electoral offence. While we appreciate that loss of life is regrettable there was only one unfortunate incident which resulted in death, and tgat was in Glenview. The police acted professionally and arrested the perpetrators swiftly. However regrettable a single incident of violence or fraud must not make an election unfair and the asertion by the Americans is unfortunate.

It should be noted that a significant or rampant incidences of violence or fraud may make the election unfair. At the moment as we enter into the elections we do not have rampant incidences of electoral fraud or violence. It then becomes nonsensical for the American embassy to issue a statement which fronts a misplaced concern over unsubstantiated violence reports. This is shameful and disgusting totally depressing and flabbergasting.

The American statement does not cite a single incident of violence. This makes the statement unreliable and indeed a wishful thinking to portray the impending victory of ZANU PF as tainted with unfairness.
In the statement the Americans spoke of unfair laws. Electoral law as deemed to be unfair by the Americans has been there for the past five years. Why mentioning the electoral laws on the eve of the election. One can really ask this question, When did America arrive from Mars?The last time we checked America has an embassy in Zimbabwe. Why were they silent until now? CCC has members in parliament why did they not raise these issues and sponsor an electoral reform. Why does America behave as a spokesperson for CCC. What the hell are the Americans suggesting?

Their barking is like an over chewed chewing gum. American embassy can not be spokesperson for CCC. They are making nabulous allegations which are not specific not direct and not credible.

It is very curious to know that the statement is based on no identified victims of politically motivated arrest. No identified police station where they are detained. The most important thing is in a world of social media nobody can be arrested without information leaking out. Zimbabwe is a more technologically motivated country. No household is without phone in Zimbabwe.
Why do we have to hear comments of abuse from America and not from Zimbabwe.

American propaganda is shameless and must be kept away from Zimbabwe.

How would America feel if the Zimbabwean embassy in America makes the same statement as made by American ambassador will be called for an explanation and probably expelled or deported.

If a Zimbabwean ambassador does that or raise a concern about abuse of Trump America will summon them and expell them.
The statement has no ounce of truth it has no credibility. The statement does not belong outside the dust bin. It is a shameless statement. It is like standing at the neighbours space and start shouting that stop beating your child. Can you imagine what will happen. This is proper interference.
America is behaving like a mad person and having a lunatic attitude.

It has no respect of our sovereignty.

It’s not bonafide it’s not shocking we are used to this wanton interference. We would have been surprised if America had not come with this usual nonsense.

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