Masarira tears into CCC leader
21 September 2023
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The leader of Labour Economists and African Democrats (LEAD), Linda Masarira said that CCC leader Nelson Chamisa should desist from giving Zimbabweans false hope.

Masarira said Chamisa has the potential to become “a very good pastor” and that politics is not his true calling.

The controversial opposition activist was responding to posts on the social media site X by Chamisa laced with Bible verses and the hashtag #GodIsInIt.

In one of the posts, Chamisa said God “will surely visit Zimbabwe” and “will show Himself mighty and strong.” He wrote:

Fellow Citizens; Trust this #Godisinit I believe in. Let them not mock you. He has never let me down before. He will surely visit Zimbabwe. He will show Himself mighty and strong.

You will love it. He is always on time. Ignore these manly and sham sideshows. Don’t say I didn’t tell you! Be happy Zimbabwe! Isaiah 33:22 #OnePeople.

Responding to the post, Masarira said Chamisa has missed his true calling, which is not being a politician, but a pastor. She said:

Is this not too much my brother? People are waiting for leadership from you. You continue feeding them with false hope.

One day, this God you always hashtag will answer you, I presume. In the meantime, give those who voted for your confidence, not verses.

If you have failed, consider opening a church. I think you would make a very good pastor. You are a true shepherd. Sometimes, we misinterpret God’s word.

With your stance, I am 100% convinced you were called to preach the word of God not to be a political leader. May the good Lord open your eyes and redirect you to your true calling.

Chamisa has lost the presidential race to Emmerson Mnangagwa twice. In 2018 Chamisa received 44.3% of the vote against Mnangagwa’s 50.8%. In 2023 Chamisa garnered 44% against Mnangagwa’s 52.6%.

In 2018, Chamisa challenged the election results but lost the case at the Constitutional Court. This year, he avoided taking the matter to court and has demanded a fresh election.