Mnangagwa Says: Chamisa Stuck In Past, SADC and ZANU PF Are Now In Future
2 October 2023
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By Farai D Hove |

Mnangagwa suggests SADC is working with ZANU PF.

Emmerson Mnangagwa has celebrated while hinting that he has everything under control at SADC. Speaking at a party meeting at the weekend, Mnangagwa said his opponent Nelson Chamisa’s call for a re-run is a pipe dream. Zimbabwe and the region( SADC) are moving into the future, he said.

His comments come at a time when SADC election observer mission head, Nevers Mumba refused to reverse his election-rigging/genocide triggering video statement supporting Mnangagwa and Uebert Angel over the continentwide goldmafia funded election-rigging that has destroyed the economies of several African countries since 1992 (Kenya).

His comments also come at a time when it was revealed that Mumba has been his ally since 1996, and as late as Sept 2023, has been collaborating with the disgraced ambassador and ‘prophet’ Uebert Angel.

Analyzing the Excitement and Dangers of Nevers Mumba’s Involvement in Politics.

This following is a history of Nevers Mumba, with a focus on his interactions with Emmerson Mnangagwa. The timeline provided highlights key events in their careers, leading up to the present day in 2023, where Mumba’s actions have raised concerns regarding their impact on regional politics, especially in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Historical Context:
1996 – Joburg Church Conference:
In 1996, a Joburg church conference saw Nevers Mumba and Emmerson Mnangagwa conspiring to gain power in Zambia and Zimbabwe through self-proclaimed personal prophecies. Mnangagwa was represented by his chief prophet, Andrew Wutaunashe. Much if this is seen on function videos plus interviews.

2004 – Demotion and Regret:
Both Mumba and Mnangagwa faced demotion in their respective countries for perceived ambition and rebellion. Zambia’s Levy Mwanawasa, who initially appointed Mumba, reportedly regretted his decision, believing there were more deserving party comrades.

2009 – Mwanawasa’s Assassination:
Mumba’s return to government was a result of the suspected assassination of his rival, Mwanawasa (Mnangagwa accused of orchestarating it). This event marked a significant turning point in their political careers.

2014 – Bouncing Back:
In 2014, Mumba reentered presidential politics and formed alliances with more capable individuals, while Mnangagwa was promoted to Vice Presidency.

2017 – Mnangagwa’s Dismissal:
Mnangagwa was dismissed by Mugabe in 2017 due to perceived ambition and rebellion, continuing the pattern seen throughout his career.

2023 – Controversial SADC Report:
In August 2023, Nevers Mumba’s refusal to retract a video statement claiming sanctions on Zimbabwe raised concerns. This statement potentially endangered his appointer and the entire SADC mission to Zimbabwe’s elections. The video potentially neutralises the soncalled damning SADC report on Zimbabwe’s 2023 elections.

Analysis: The recurring pattern of ambition and rebellion in both Nevers Mumba and Emmerson Mnangagwa’s political careers is evident from childhood to 2023. This behaviour has led to demotions, dismissals, and controversies.

The 2023 incident involving Mumba’s SADC report on Zimbabwe has sparked controversy. While Zambians believe the report is damning, some argue that it is defective and primarily serves Mumba’s interests. Dr. Brilliant Pongo suggests that the findings are not as damning as portrayed and that Mnangagwa’s dramatic reaction has amplified the perception of the report’s severity.

Mumba has been reached for comment since 27th August and has admitted to the Joburg 1996 meeting but said he is not supporting Mnangagwa. SADC was still to comment at the time of writing.

The political trajectories of Nevers Mumba and Emmerson Mnangagwa have been marked by ambition, rebellion, and controversy. The 2023 incident involving Mumba’s SADC report adds another layer of complexity to their history, potentially impacting regional politics. Further analysis and diplomatic efforts may be required to address the ongoing tensions and perceptions surrounding their actions.