MedOrange A Force To Reckon With In Healthcare
11 October 2023
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MedOrange Pharmacies Introduces Cutting-Edge Online Prescription Service to Revolutionize Healthcare Access in Zimbabwe

– MedOrange Pharmacies, a leading healthcare provider in Zimbabwe, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative online prescription service, designed to address the pressing needs of individuals living with chronic medical conditions in the country. This groundbreaking service, accessible through the MedOrange mobile app, marks a significant milestone in improving
healthcare accessibility and affordability.

Addressing Zimbabwe’s Chronic Health Challenges.

With nearly one individual in every Zimbabwean household living with a chronic condition, MedOrange recognizes the urgency of providing reliable access to essential medications. Common chronic diseases in Zimbabwe, such as HIV/AIDS, hypertension, cancer, and diabetes, have prompted the need for convenient and cost-effective
healthcare solutions.

Eliminating Remittance Hurdles for the Diaspora
For Zimbabwean families residing abroad who support their loved ones’ monthly medication needs, MedOrange offers a transformative solution. The online prescription service enables users to order medications directly for their relatives in Zimbabwe, eliminating remittance fees and potentially saving up to 20% on app purchases.

Effortless Ordering Process.

MedOrange’s user-friendly mobile app streamlines the ordering process. Patients can easily upload their prescriptions and receive quotations promptly. The app offers diverse payment options, and users can choose between collecting medications at a MedOrange branch or benefiting from free home delivery.

Enhanced Medication Adherence
To further support patients, the MedOrange app includes a medication reminder feature, particularly beneficial for elderly individuals who require regular prompts to adhere to their treatment plans, such as those managing hypertension.

Integrated Health Examination Kiosks
MedOrange Pharmacies goes beyond medication provision by offering integrated health examination kiosks.

These cutting-edge kiosks measure vital health parameters, including blood pressure, height, weight, blood oxygen levels, body fat percentage, body composition, body temperature, and body mass index (BMI). This data allows for expert health advice, enabling individuals to monitor and improve their well-being while mitigating risks associated with various non-communicable diseases.

First Aid Kits and Collaborative Partnerships
Recognizing the importance of preparedness for emergencies, MedOrange offers customizable first aid kits tailored to diverse needs.

Additionally, the company is open to partnerships with organizations interested in hosting awareness events like marathons and walkathons, offering support in advertising and related services.

MedOrange Pharmacies, established in 2020, is not just a pharmacy but a
comprehensive orchestrated platform committed to providing convenience in health, beauty, and wellness solutions. Through its robust online and physical presence, last-mile delivery, and services designed to cater to the diaspora, MedOrange is dedicated to enhancing healthcare access and overall well-being for all Zimbabweans.