Abduction, Torture Of Hon Chidhakwa Barbaric
25 October 2023
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CCC Namibia condemns the state-sponsored abduction and torture of former CCC MP Hon Chidhakwa!

25 October 2023

Citizens in Namibia who subscribe to the national democratic revolution led by the organic President Advocate Nelson Chamisa are quite infuriated at the perpetual state-engineered abductions, torture, and enforced disappearances of change champions and human rights defenders on account of politics. We condemn the recent abduction and torture of Hon Chidhakwa, who was bundled into a car in Harare, tortured, and left for dead in Acturus.

This incessant perpetration of violence on the alternative unearthed ZANU-PF’s panic mode ahead of the SADC Summit after the 23 August shambolic elections. Namibia district is jovial in that Hon Chidhakwa regardless of torture, remains committed and determined to prosecuting the democratic struggle to its bitter end. His comprehension of the ups and downs of the struggle is an exception considering that the ZANU PF-controlled state agents broke his hands, and legs and injected him with an unknown substance.

It is now imperative for Zimbabweans to embrace dangerous freedom against state repression. Hon Chidhakwa called out for aid during the abduction but the people of Zimbabwe ignored his clamour for help. Namibia district is perturbed that the citizens always blame the President for not giving them the signal, it is clear that Zimbabweans are not yet ripe for a full-blown revolution against tyranny. Solidarity is a core value of social democracy, the citizens in Harare were anticipated to offer solidarity to Hon Chidhakwa during the period of his abduction.

ZANU-PF is taking advantage of the citizenry’s incapacity to sacrifice for better livelihoods for everyone in the motherland. Citizens have become extremely selfish, none is ready to pay the ultimate price. We are inspired by his resolution to keep on supporting the people’s struggle despite the side shows exhibited by Tshabangu, an undoubted ZANU-PF surrogate.

We would like to wish Hon Chidhakwa a speedy recovery so that together we can accomplish the national democratic struggle against ZANU PF satanism. Citizens must unite across the political divide and exert political and diplomatic pressure on the regime. All constitutional avenues should be exhausted as the Harare regime presses the panic button. Zimbabwe belongs to us all and we demand freedom, equality, and justice in the motherland.

Abductions epitomize that the politically inept regime did not win the elections. The futile attempt to silence the voices of dissent will not suffice. Citizens shall peacefully rise demanding a fresh election run by an independent body, and an abrupt end to state-sponsored torture, gross abuse of human rights, looting, corruption, and politically motivated violence. The people of Zimbabwe deserve free, fair, and credible elections.

The attempt to deter social democrats through abductions must be resisted with equal measure. Tshabangu and his masters will certainly meet the wrath of the citizens who have invested much in CCC since its inception. Let’s gather the varlour, mettle, and nerve needed to confront these looters. CCC Namibia appreciates SADC, the African Union, and all other observer missions for speaking truth to power and condemning the sham elections that were marred with irregularities. Citizens should remain focused on demanding fresh elections in Zimbabwe.

“Tiripachirangano, chero vakarova sei”, be strong Hon Chidhakwa, Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala, Clr Womberaishe Nhende, Jacob Ngarivhume, and all political prisoners incarcerated because of politics. Independence with freedom, justice, and equality will surely come in a New Great Zimbabwe led by our political generator, President Adv Nelson Chamisa. ZANU-PF is cognizant of the revolutionary prowess of the masses which is why they are intimidating citizens through abductions, arbitrary arrests, and long pre-trial detentions.

We demand justice for Hon Chidhakwa! #FreeJobSaroWiwaSikhala #JusticeForMoreblessingAli.



CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Change Champion
Robson Ruhanya