Sympathy Over Mnangagwa’s Fate, Amid Mass Deaths Of ZEC, FAZ Families, How Much?
26 October 2023
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Zimbabwe Faces Unsettling Times Amid Political Tensions and Natural Calamities.

By Dorrothy Moyo | HARARE – In a wave of harrowing events, Zimbabwe faces unsettling times as political tensions intertwine with natural calamities. Recent days have seen the nation reeling from several tragedies, particularly impacting individuals linked with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and the FAZ organization, aligned with the ruling ZANU PF party.

The string of misfortunes began with the fatal lightning strikes of three family members related to a prominent figure in the FAZ organization. This was closely followed by the sudden collapse of a ZEC commissioner’s father, further immersing the political community into distress. The series of tragic events continued with two horrifying hyena attacks, resulting in the deaths of an FAZ agent and a ZANU PF member.

The incidents have ignited intense online and public debate, with sentiments of superstition and fear emerging. “Kugona ngozi huiripa (the curse needs to be cured), watch and see more to come,” remarked Mawuka Mawuka, a local resident, indicating a widespread sense of impending doom. Another commentator, choosing to remain anonymous, added, “I wish this can happen every day all thanks to the mheni King,” highlighting the deep societal divisions.

Amid the political spectrum, these incidents are further complicating an already tense environment. The sudden collapse of the ZEC commissioner’s father, identified as Vice President Kembo Mohadi, during a pivotal political rally, and the tragic fate of the FAZ and ZANU PF members are intensifying national discourse.

The government’s management of these events, including directives to censor news regarding Mohadi’s collapse, is raising concerns about press freedom and expression in the country.

In a separate development, CCC President Nelson Chamisa countered allegations questioning his party’s structural integrity. In an exclusive interview with Xolisani Ncube, Chamisa emphasized, “When we say strategic ambiguity and a structureless structure, it’s just to confuse our opponent. We are thoroughly structured.” He further highlighted the party’s nationwide influence and addressed the controversial election results, asserting his party’s significant victory in both the presidency and parliament.

As Zimbabwe grapples with these challenges, the resilience and unity of its citizens are being tested. With political unrest and nature’s unpredictability colliding with dire consequences, the nation stands at a crossroads, hoping for a brighter and more stable future.

Social media metrics between Tuesday and Wednesday indicated a staggering 99.2% disapproval rating against Emmerson Mnangagwa, reflecting the nation’s sentiments regarding these disturbing events.- ZimEye