Mnangagwa Officially Tells ZBC, I Can’t Be Equated To A State President, A Priest
12 November 2023
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-Emmerson Mnangagwa States Refusal to be Acknowledged as President of Zimbabwe-

By Farai D Hove | In an unexpected turn of events, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the leader of ZANU PF, made a startling announcement, declaring his disassociation from the title of President of Zimbabwe.

On the grand staircase of the recent SADC Extraordinary Summit in Luanda’s venue, a visibly tense Mnangagwa conversed rapidly with journalist Reuben Barwe, unveiling his declaration. Mnangagwa, while conversing with Barwe, emphatically expressed his flaws or sins make him too low to be equated among nation Presidents.

He further elaborated on his stance, asserting, he can never be a President like other real heads of states at the summit referred to as Priests.

This unprecedented declaration added intensity to the summit’s ongoing discussions, particularly surrounding the Zimbabwean election, an issue SADC had publicly confirmed as part of the extraordinary summit’s agenda.

In a brief exchange, Barwe, seeking clarity, inquired about potential challenges to the summit’s focus. Mnangagwa assured him, “No, these things happen in society. Not everybody is a Priest, so you find these things happen. We are so alert that we had gone to deal with the things that are relevant to the Summit.”

Despite the sensational declaration, Mnangagwa said that the summit primarily centered around issues concerning the Democratic Republic of Congo, as he tried to dispel revelations of disruption caused by Zimbabwe-related matters.


The shocking revelation by Mnangagwa raises profound questions about the political landscape in Zimbabwe and casts uncertainty over the country’s leadership and future. As the summit continues, the repercussions and implications of this unexpected announcement remain a subject of great speculation and intrigue.