NERA Succesfully Holds Second Meeting, Push For Electoral Reforms Back On Track
11 December 2023
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Harare, Zimbabwe – NERA is delighted to announce that the second (2nd) NERA meeting was successfully held today, on the 8th of December 2023.

This well-attended meeting saw the participation of various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Political parties, in accordance with the prescribed hierarchy outlined by NERA administration.

Notable political parties in attendance included MDC, PDP, ZIPP, FORUS Party, UD-PPZ, LEAD, among others. Additionally, CSOs, Labour, CSU, ZCTU, Heal Zimbabwe, women’s groups, and students were present.

Under the able leadership of Chairman Eng. Mugari, the meeting progressed smoothly.

Following the introductions, a productive planning session took place, wherein the demands for electoral reforms were outlined. Notably, the independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) was identified as a key priority.

Furthermore, the political parties’ youth representatives advocated for the inclusion of maximum age limits for presidential candidates and lowering the age for youth candidacy.

The discussions culminated in a unified call for electoral reforms, recognizing that such reforms not only benefit participating political parties but also contribute to economic growth.

The participation of all stakeholders in the ZEC processes was emphasized as paramount. It was acknowledged that the ongoing political discourse within parties in Parliament should not result in voters’ suffering.

The loss of energy from votes cast for leaders of voters’ choice due to recalls by a single individual is detrimental to both the country and the citizens’ right to choose their preferred leaders.

Therefore, a revisitation of the electoral laws is imperative, with a particular focus on enshrining a clause to protect the voters’ voice.

NERA wholeheartedly urges other political parties and their principals to follow suit, as it is crucial to collectively push for electoral reforms at the earliest opportunity.

We eagerly anticipate more political parties and civic societies coming forward to offer their venues for hosting future meetings.

It was agreed among the attendees that a Principals meeting will take place on the 18th of January 2024.

This meeting will be dedicated to the signing of NERA documents, affirming our commitment to working together in the pursuit of electoral reforms.

During today’s meeting, the Secretary Generals of political parties expressed their admiration and support for initiating much-needed electoral reforms, mirroring the aspirations of the past. Civic societies also pledged their unwavering support to ensure free, fair, safe, and credible elections in Zimbabwe.

In his closing remarks, NERA Chairman Eng. Mugari extended an invitation to other stakeholders, including churches, citizens, and corporates, to join hands in supporting the agenda for national economic growth.

Eng. Mugari Joelson
NERA Chairman