Tribute To Veteran Broadcaster
18 January 2024
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Renowned journalist Hector Murombedzi, known for his humility and dedication, passed away in Harare on Monday.

Colleagues, friends, and family gathered at his Warren Park residence in Harare on Tuesday to bid their final farewells.

Murombedzi’s untimely demise at Suburban Hospital in Harare has left not only his immediate family but also his neighborhood in mourning.

A neighbor shared, “He was a loving father. We’ve always been friends, and now that he’s gone, we don’t know what life will be.”Another neighbor expressed, “We’ve lost a good neighbor. We lived well, and now that he’s gone, there is a huge gap left.”

Colleagues at the national broadcaster, ZBC, spoke of Murombedzi’s humility and eagerness to learn, emphasizing the significant void he leaves behind.

Veteran broadcaster James Gora lamented, “Hector was a hardworking guy. He was humble and eager to learn. At ZBC, we have been robbed of a hard worker and team player.”Murombedzi’s professional journey at ZBC began in 1997 as a cameraperson before transitioning to the Radio News in English desk as a sub-editor. His dedication led him to the role of Mashonaland Central Province Bureau Chief within the Reporters’ Pool. Returning to the Radio News Desk as a Sub-Editor, he held this position until his passing.Mourners are currently gathered at House Number 5, 27th Crescent, Warren Park 1, Harare.

Murombedzi is survived by his wife Joyce and two children. Burial arrangements will be announced in due course, as the broadcasting community reflects on the loss of a humble and resourceful journalist.