Spiritualist Claims Credit For Life-Changing Miracles
17 February 2024
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By A Correspondent

Sekuru Ndunge, also known as Leonard Gwaze, asserts that he performs life-changing miracles.

Gwaze, who also goes by the name Muzaya Ndunge, has garnered attention for his purported abilities to transform lives.

In a recent case, a woman in Nigeria reportedly sought Sekuru’s intervention in her husband’s behavior, leading to significant positive changes in their relationship.

The woman acknowledged her initial skepticism but ultimately admitted to being impressed by Sekuru’s methods.

Leonard Gwaze, aka Sekuru Ndunge, has been credited with resolving marital issues and bringing about remarkable transformations in individuals facing various challenges.

For inquiries or appointments, Sekuru Ndunge can be reached at the following numbers:07146067200713364426Alternatively, contact via WhatsApp: 0774636013