Zanu PF Hooligans Cause Mayhem At Chivhu Hotel, Demand S*x With Guests
22 February 2024
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By A Correspondent

Zanu PF youths, returning from the Mushagashe Training Centre in Masvingo after attending the Robert Mugabe Youth Day celebrations, officiated by Emmerson Mnangagwa, unleashed chaos at a guest hotel in Chivhu on Wednesday night.

In a disturbing display, the inebriated hooligans stormed the hotel premises, shouting obscenities and harassing guests, demanding to know their political affiliation.

According to reports, eight Zanu PF youths aggressively accosted guests, while two intoxicated women wielding beer bottles openly solicited sex from them, threatening to enter rooms themselves if their demands were not met.

“Eight Zanu PF youths harassed guests here, demanding to know their political affiliation.

The visibly drunk youths also hurled insults at guests.

Two ladies holding beer bottles demanded to have sex with guests-
It was really disturbing,” a source told

The scene was described as highly disruptive and alarming by witnesses, highlighting the brazen disregard for decency and law exhibited by the perpetrators.