American Citizen In Airport Escape Drama
23 February 2024
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An American citizen, Austin Ray (50), has been fined US$300 for unlawfully escaping custody and entering the country without proper authorization.

Ray appeared before Magistrate Ruth Moyo facing accusations of violating the Immigration Act and escaping from legal custody.

According to the state prosecutor, Nomsa Kangara, the incident occurred on February 19, 2024, at approximately 12:30 PM, when Ray disembarked from an Airlink flight at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in Harare.

Upon reaching the immigration checkpoint, Ray presented his American passport with the intention of applying for a holiday visa.

However, it was revealed in court documents that Ray lacked the necessary written authorization from the minister, a requirement for entry.

Consequently, he was denied entry and detained in the Immigration temporary holding cells for impending deportation.

Allegations suggest that Ray managed to escape from lawful custody at the airport and illicitly entered the country before being apprehended by authorities.