Madzibaba VeShanduku Unveils Striking Blue Chamisa Regalia, Throws Chivhayo Under The Bus
24 February 2024
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By Political Reporter- In a bold display of unwavering loyalty, Godfrey Karembera, widely known as Madzibaba VeShanduku and a devoted supporter of opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, has introduced a captivating new blue regalia for Chamisa’s burgeoning political movement.

This unveiling comes amidst a recent attempt by businessman Wicknell Chivayo’s agent to sway Karembera’s allegiance with the promise of a luxurious car, a gesture contingent on renouncing Chamisa.

However, Madzibaba VeShanduku, standing firm against the tempting proposition, opted instead to showcase his commitment through the symbolic blue attire on various social media platforms.

This act of steadfast allegiance echoes a similar incident in October 2022 when ZANU PF’s Youth League National Deputy Political Commissar Taurai Kandishaya claimed that Karembera had defected to ZANU PF.

Dismissing the allegations, Karembera affirmed his loyalty to Chamisa, emphasizing his dedication to the cause despite external pressures.

The unveiling of the new blue regalia marks a visual declaration of Madzibaba VeShanduku’s continued commitment to Nelson Chamisa’s leadership, transcending material temptations and political rumours.