Mnangagwa Throws Tendai Biti Under The Bus
28 February 2024
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By Political Reporter-The Emerson Mnangagwa controlled judiciary has delivered a harsh blow to Tendai Biti, the rotational acting President of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), by convicting and fining him for the verbal assault of Russian investor Tatiana Aleshina in 2020.

This shocking revelation raises questions about Biti’s alleged betrayal of Nelson Chamisa in favour of collaboration with Zanu PF.

Biti, a key figure within the CCC, was working alongside Zanu PF and Sengezo Tshabangu to undermine Nelson Chamisa’s leadership within the party.

In a strategic move, Biti and his associates successfully sidelined Chamisa and secured top party positions for themselves, only to face unexpected consequences when the very courts aligned with Zanu PF turned against him.

On Tuesday, Harare Magistrate Mrs Vongai Guwuriro found Biti guilty of assaulting businesswoman and investor Mrs. Tatiana Aleshina, imposing a fine of US$300.

The magistrate ordered Biti to pay the fine forthwith, with no extension, or face six months in prison.

Additionally, six months of the sentence were suspended on the condition that he refrains from committing a similar offense within the next five years.

Mrs. Guwuriro noted that Biti, a legal practitioner, should have managed his emotions better, emphasizing that he is not a first-time offender, having previously been convicted for contravening the electoral act.

Criticizing Biti’s conduct as an honorable Member of Parliament at the time, she stated, “The accused abused the court and wasted its time by making his applications for referral to the Constitutional Court on a piece-meal.”

While acknowledging that the assault was not severe, the magistrate highlighted the impact on the complainant, asserting that more was expected from Biti considering his stature in society.

In mitigation, Biti’s lawyer argued that his client, aged 56 and married with five children, supports his family, including paying for the tertiary education of three of his children.

The defence stressed Biti’s responsibility towards his widowed mother, whom he cares for.

On the other hand, the State, led by Advocate Tafara Chirambira, argued that a fine was too trivial for the severity of the case, asserting that Biti’s financial means should not exempt him from a more punitive measure.

Advocate Chirambira emphasised that the court should not be influenced by politics or media narratives.

This legal episode not only exposes Biti’s alleged betrayal of Chamisa but also raises concerns about the intertwining of politics and judiciary, shedding light on the complexity of legal proceedings involving prominent political figures in Zimbabwe.