Chiwenga Speaks In “Matebhererendi” : Video
4 March 2024
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By A Correspondent

Tensions were palpable at the Victoria Falls Renewable Energy Expo as Deputy President Constantino Chiwenga reluctantly stepped into the spotlight following a bomb threat that rattled the area.

Assigned by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to represent him at the event, Chiwenga’s presence has sparked speculation amidst escalating infighting within Zanu PF.

Critics are questioning the timing of Mnangagwa’s decision to send Chiwenga to Victoria Falls, particularly in light of the recent bomb threat.

Some speculate that this move was deliberate, suggesting that Mnangagwa may have strategically placed Chiwenga in harm’s way to deflect attention from internal party disputes.

Despite the controversy surrounding his appearance, Honorable Vice President Retired General Dr. Constantino Chiwenga took to the stage to officiate at the International Renewable Energy Conference & Expo 2024 in Victoria Falls.

His presence underscored the government’s commitment to advancing renewable energy initiatives in Zimbabwe, despite the challenges and uncertainties facing the nation.

As Chiwenga addressed the audience, the air was thick with anticipation and apprehension.

His remarks, while focused on renewable energy and the potential for sustainable development, also carried the weight of political scrutiny and speculation.

For many observers, Chiwenga’s speech served as a barometer of the current state of affairs within the ruling party and the broader political landscape.

Amidst the backdrop of Zanu PF infighting and external threats, Chiwenga’s reluctant appearance at the Renewable Energy Expo highlights the complex dynamics at play in Zimbabwean politics.

As the nation navigates through these turbulent times, the role of key figures like Chiwenga becomes increasingly significant in shaping the country’s future trajectory.

While the event aimed to promote renewable energy solutions and foster international collaboration, it also served as a platform for political maneuvering and intrigue.

As Deputy President Chiwenga concluded his address and left the stage, the lingering tension in the air underscored the challenges and uncertainties facing Zimbabwe as it strives to embrace a more sustainable and prosperous future.