Top Economist Declares Zim Currency Dead
11 March 2024
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Business Reporter- One of the finest Zimbabwe economists, Professor Gift Mugano, has declared the country’s currency dead.

Writing on his X account, the outspoken economist said President Emerson Mnangagwa and his government should admit that the economy has collapsed.

Below is his full text:

On 18 April 2024, I will end my sabbatical leave.

Zimbabwe needs everyone on the deck. 

As I return, let me show admiration and respect for medical doctors 


Medical doctors know when to treat their patients & when to stop treating them. Even as they treat them, they put them in different categories based on the severity of their ailments, i.e. normal wards, ICU, life support, etc. 

Medical doctors undertake thorough medical tests and diagnoses before they provide prescriptions or medical advice. What amazes me is that they don’t rush to give you prescriptions or treatment before they have a detailed patient’s medical report, except pain killers. Of course, they treat everything with urgency and ethical conduct.

In the case of death, medical doctors stop treatment. Medical doctors don’t treat dead patients. They transfer the deceased patient to the mortuary & they sign burial certificates. 

On the contrary, my fellow economists amaze me. They will tell you that zvakarongeka. They will tell you that we will defend the currency even if it is dead. 

Strikingly, Zim economists don’t change their gear, especially in circumstances when the economy is in ICU like now; they treat it like it’s in a normal ward. They normalize the abnormal. 

For example, up to now the Central Bank hasn’t presented its monetary policy, an economic drug dose, at a time when the economy is in ICU and no one knows when it will be presented 

Surely, we can do better. We have to change the gear. Our economy is our responsibility. Our future is our responsibility. The vulnerable people who are failing to access basic healthcare and education are our responsibility. The young people who are unemployed & are on drugs are our responsibility. 

We have a collective responsibility to build the Zimbabwe we want. Our differences must be our chemistry for national development.

On 18 April 2024, the day we got our hard won independence, I will end my sabbatical leave. 

I will serve my country with all my heart and all soul. 

Make no mistake, grounded by medical doctors philosophy, ethical values and respect & without fear or favour, I with provide nothing but hard facts on our economy as well as practical solutions. 

Yours Truly,