Ambulance Involved In Accident At Bridge Built By Barbara Rwodzi
19 March 2024
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By A Correspondent | ZimEye |  A calamitous accident occurred on a bridge constructed by Tourism Minister Barbara Rwodzi.

This bridge became the scene of a dire incident involving an ambulance from Holy Cross Mission Hospital, igniting a firestorm of inquiry and critique. The bridge, emblematic of Minister Rwodzi’s oversight, has been roundly condemned for its primitive design, standing as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of neglecting centuries of architectural progress.

– A Tragic Oversight

Central to this distressing narrative is the construction of what has infamously become known as the “lump of bricks” bridge, directly tied to Minister Rwodzi. Amid swirling confusion and cynical blame aimed at figures such as Wicknel, Scott, and Java, the bridge’s subpar design has come under severe scrutiny for its apparent disregard for contemporary engineering norms, spotlighting grave concerns about the management and implementation of critical public infrastructure initiatives under Minister Rwodzi’s stewardship.

The ambulance stranded

The situation escalated to a crisis when an ambulance, hurrying to respond to an emergency, was dramatically halted by the bridge’s inadequate design. The driver, Philip Machekano, found himself embroiled in controversy, facing allegations of drunken driving. This accusation adds to the complexity of a scenario that intertwines personal culpability with wider systemic shortcomings, emphasizing the disastrous implications of the bridge’s flawed construction.

The front of the vehicle

The involvement of Minister Rwodzi and the affiliation with the ruling Zanu PF party casts a long shadow over the incident, fueling speculation about the politicization of public infrastructure projects. The evident mismanagement and misallocation of resources in the bridge’s construction are criticized as reflective of deeper governance issues, with the bridge serving as a contentious example of the quality and integrity of infrastructure under such political guidance.

– A Public Uproar

The shocking imagery of the stranded ambulance at Minister Rwodzi’s inadequately built bridge has sparked widespread public fury and a clamouring for accountability.
The Minister was unavailable for comment at the time of writing.