62 Injured as Bus Overturns
2 April 2024
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By A Correspondent

In a devastating incident that shook the nation, a Passion Link Coaches bus carrying 72 passengers veered off the road and overturned, leaving 62 individuals injured.

The accident occurred in the early hours of April 1, 2024, at the 119th kilometre peg along the Mutare-Masvingo Road.

Confirming the incident, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) reported that the bus lost control, veered to the left, and ultimately flipped onto its roof, causing extensive injuries to the passengers on board.

The aftermath of the crash saw emergency services rushing to the scene to provide assistance and medical attention to the injured victims.

The injured passengers, totaling 62, were promptly transported to Birchenough Bridge Hospital for urgent medical care.

Fortunately, after receiving treatment, they were deemed stable and subsequently discharged from the hospital.

However, the psychological and emotional impact of such a harrowing experience is likely to linger for some time.

Road traffic accidents remain a significant concern in Zimbabwe, with factors such as poor road conditions, speeding, and vehicle maintenance often contributing to such incidents.

The aftermath of these accidents not only results in physical injuries but also incurs emotional trauma and financial burdens on the victims and their families.

In light of this tragic event, there is a pressing need for increased efforts in road safety awareness campaigns, stricter enforcement of traffic regulations, and improved infrastructure maintenance.

Additionally, it is imperative for transportation companies to prioritize passenger safety by ensuring that their vehicles undergo regular maintenance checks and that their drivers adhere to road safety protocols.