Witnesses Accuse Maureen Kademaunga of Ordering Assaults
15 May 2024
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The trial of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator for Sunningdale Constituency, Maureen Kademaunga, took a dramatic turn on Tuesday as witnesses testified, accusing her of assault. Kademaunga, along with alleged accomplices Councillor Clayd Mashozhera, Noel Munhuwei, and Daudi Jessub, is facing charges of attempted murder.

Two witnesses took the stand, both asserting that Kademaunga ordered the assaults before their cars were damaged. Spencer Mudarikwa, the second witness, corroborated the testimony of the first witness, recounting the events on the eve of the August 2023 General Elections. Mudarikwa claimed they were blocked by the accused, and he overheard Kademaunga instructing her alleged accomplices to assault the complainants.

During cross-examination, the defense questioned Mudarikwa’s inconsistency between his evidence-in-chief and his police statement. Mudarikwa attributed the difference to potential translation errors when his statement was written in Shona.

The state presented a blood-stained jean trousers as an exhibit, further intensifying the trial. The proceedings are set to continue on the 27th of this month as the case unfolds.

In a separate case, 24-year-old Shantel Chikwana appeared in court, accused of extorting her ex-lover. Allegedly, Chikwana threatened her former partner with rape accusations unless he paid her. The complainant eventually handed over US$4,700 before reporting the matter to the authorities.

The developments in both cases underscore the complexities of legal proceedings and the gravity of the charges faced by the accused. As the trials progress, the courts will be tasked with determining the truth behind the allegations and delivering justice accordingly.