Victory For Katsimbiris As Michael Reza Backs Off
16 May 2024
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By Crime and Courts Reporter- Prominent land developer and renowned businessman George Katsimberis has scored a significant victory after the courts removed state prosecutor Michael Reza from his case.

Reza was denying Katsimberis his right to request a Greek interpreter.

The courts recently assigned Messrs Tafara Chirambira to take over the prosecution from Reza, who was recently appointed Zacc chairperson.

Messrs Chirambira recently notified the court that he has taken over the proceedings.

Katsimberis is facing fraud charges involving US$1 million for allegedly building a showroom without approval plans from the City of Harare. 

He denies these charges, saying they are false and meant to tarnish his excellent integrity. 

He also says that the charges were engineered by a local competitor ( name supplied) who wants him to get out of business.

In the allegations Katsimberis denies, it is said that he built a showroom in Borrowdale without an approved building plan, resulting in the demolition of the showroom.

The trial continues this week at the Harare Magistrates Courts.