Gupta Brothers In India
26 May 2024
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Gupta Brothers Arrested in India Amid Allegations of Forcing Builder’s Suicide.

By Agencies | In a significant development, controversial businessmen Ajay Gupta and Anil Gupta were arrested on Friday in Dehradun, India, following allegations of their involvement in the death of a well-known local builder. The Department of Justice is set to engage with Indian officials after the arrest to discuss the case further.

According to Department spokesperson Chrispin Phiri, the arrest of Ajay and Anil Gupta came to light following media reports. While the arrest warrants were initially issued for Rajesh and Atul Gupta, authorities are now verifying the details through diplomatic channels. “Our Department of Justice and Correctional Services has noted reports of the arrest of two Gupta brothers, Ajay and Anil, in India,” Phiri stated to News24.

The arrests stem from accusations that the Gupta brothers played a role in abetting the suicide of builder Satyendra Singh Sahni. Sahni, in a suicide note addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claimed that he was subjected to prolonged threats and financial pressure by the Guptas over a partnership project. This alleged harassment led Sahni to take his own life.

Ranvir Sahni, the son of the deceased, detailed the threats and intimidation his father faced from the Guptas. “Ajay Gupta and Anil Gupta filed a false complaint which led to my father being repeatedly summoned by Saharanpur police, further aggravating his distress,” he explained to the Times of India. Local police confirmed that a complaint was lodged against the Gupta brothers on May 19, 2023, highlighting the ongoing threats and harassment.

Authorities indicated that there was prima facie evidence to arrest the two businessmen, signaling a potential shift in the investigation into the broader implications of the case.

As the Department of Justice prepares for potential engagements with India, the international community watches closely, awaiting further developments in this unfolding case.