Auxillia Mnangagwa Hijacks Tourism Ministry, Commecialises It And Pockets Proceeds
19 June 2024
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By Political Reporter- First Lady Axillia Mnangagwa has commandeered the Ministry of Tourism, using it to market and sell a cloth she dubs the “national dress,” while pocketing the proceeds.

Throughout Zimbabwe, the ministry offices, managed by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), have become outlets for this merchandise.

Auxillia Mnangagwa is charging US$4 per meter at these ZTA offices, whereas the average cloth in retail shops sells for just US$1.50 per meter.

Civil servants are reportedly being coerced into purchasing this fabric.

In a public relations move seemingly intended to deflect accusations of corruption, Tourism Minister Barbara Rwodzi stated that only the Ministry and a few selected outlets distribute the fabric at the official price.

“The Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry wishes to remind all concerned that it is the sole custodian of the Zimbabwe national fabric. It is responsible for distributing the fabric through its Zimbabwe Tourism Authority provincial offices at a gazetted nominal fee of US$4 per meter,” said Rwodzi.

“The Ministry works with a few selected outlets which distribute the fabric at the gazetted price. The national fabric was previously sold between US$9 and US$12 before the Ministry intervened to get the price gazetted downwards to US$4.
“The Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry encourages the nation to continue taking pride in our identity, our culture, and our heritage through our national fabric. We take exception to false and malicious claims by some media outlets that the First Lady, Dr. Auxillia Mnangagwa, is cashing in on the national fabric.”

Rwodzi further stated that such claims are calculated to tarnish the First Lady’s image.

“The Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry is forever grateful to Dr. Mnangagwa for initiating the launch of the national fabric, which promotes our Zimbabwean identity.”