FlashBack Identity launch on Stockholm Africa Festival
21 August 2019
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Problem Masau| Luckson Chikutu’s book FlashBack Identity which is going to be launched on October 6 will be on the shelves at Africa Festival on November 16 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The book which has been translated into English following its success in Swedish has been described by cultural enthusiasts as rich in preserving the Zimbabwean culture.

Speaking from his base in Sweden, Chikutu who is known in entertainment circles as Manluckerz said his wish is for the book to be used in schools.

“I really want to share it with the new generation and adults about how best we can document our Zimbabwean culture and history. I will be happy to see the book being used in schools.

“I want to inspire my fellow country men about how one could achieve his or her goals through determination, dedication and discipline. This book is about how to preserve our identity and culture,” he said.

The musician- cum-author said writing his debut book has been an experience.

“The writing of the book has been a long journey with positive feedback. It was motivated by the need to document the cultural history I received when I was growing up,” he said.

“The writing of the book has been a long journey with positive insights I received and a high ambition to write about my family’s history, the cultural heritage I learnt when I was growing up. The book also captures how music and dance are used to influence humanity in Zimbabwe,” said Manlukerz.

The book describes music business, how it has been used through out history to influence humanity on earth.

 “After a long period of persistent writing and endless patience, finally came the result, a book titled Flashback Identity.