WARNING DISTURBING VIDEO: UK- Zimbabwean Father Caught Allegedly Drunken Driving
9 May 2020
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A highly disturbing video shows the dramatic scenes when a Zimbabwean father was caught by British police allegedly speeding near Manchester.

The man, Mr Desmond Mombeyarara who has been slapped with several charges, was shot with a taser gun after physically tussling a police officer demanding that his child must not be touched.

Mombeyarara appeared as if resisting arrest and police ended up subduimg him using a taser gun.

Mombeyarara, of Old Trafford, was charged with the following:

  • Two counts of resisting constables in the conduct of their duties,
  • One count of driving at excessive speed,
  • One count of driving without a valid vehicle insurance,
  • One count of being unfit to drive through drink (drunken driving),
  • One count of failing without reasonable excuse to cooperate with a preliminary test,
  • One count of failing to stop when ordered to do so, and
  • Oneccount of unnecessary travel.

He was remanded in custody by a Manchester Magistrates Court to Friday, 8th May, for continuation of trial.