ZIFA Officials In Soup Over $8k Bribes
13 May 2020
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By A Correspondent- The Zimbabwe Republic Police is investigating  32 ZIFA councillors for receiving $8,000 bribery money in a 2018 election at the football organisation.

The bribes were apparently paid by one of the candidates for the Zifa executive committee post.

A police source told the state media:

“Had it not been the lockdown due to Covid-19 we could have covered a lot of ground. These councillors are spread all over.

Some are provincial chairmen, others regional chairmen and members of those leagues. Its a shame and from our preliminary investigations those elections were just a farce.

One of the candidates, we are told was paying in cash which makes it difficult to prove but one councillor is a willing witness to that.

We have also recorded statements from a former executive committee member who said procedurally, the association takes care of the candidates’ meals, accommodation and so called incidentials, so we shall be keen to get clarity on why this individual used his own money.