Nick Mangwana Pulls Off From LIVE Debate Over MDC Run Councils.
17 October 2020
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By A Correspondent | Government spokesperson, Nick Mangwana has at the last minute turned down a LIVE debate with former Harare mayor Gomba over MDC run councils saying: “Please get someone from Zanu PF as I am not a politician and can’t really go for the political jugular as I am restrained by my office,” as he told ZimEye.

Yesterday Mangwana accused the MDC of running down the councils. He wrote on Twitter saying, “Our Cities have been totally run-down. What’s interesting is that in 20 years(1980-2000) we had great services.

“One wonders what has happened in the last 20(2000-2020) for us to be in this mess.

“Those who can’t run smaller things can’t surely run things at a National Scale.”

“But he posted a politically motivated statement on Twitter,” Gomba complained saying, to which Mangwana replied saying, “Lol. Tell him I posted as an aggrieved ratepayer.”

So why don’t you come debate with your mayor as a ratepayer then?

To this, Mangwana said, “Naaa. People will always quote what I say and attribute it to Govt. Get Cde Mugwadi or Chirau.”