Ngarivhume’s Chimanimani Visit Exposes Govt Lies
31 October 2020
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Opposition Transform Zimbabwe leaderJacob Ngarivhume’s visit to Chimanimani this week has exposed government lies and unfulfilled promises after he witnessed deplorable living conditions of victims of the Cyclone Idai which hit Zimbabwe almost two years ago.

The cyclone idai victims are still living in tents despite government commitment to build houses for them.

Posting on Twitter, Ngarivhume said the situation is terrible questioning how government used donations made by development agents towards supporting cyclone idai victims.

“In the last 48hrs, I was in Chimanimani were I saw first hand the state of living of the Cyclone Idai survivors. Mnangagwa is on record confirming that he received hard currency to help the people, yet he has done nothing. Where did the money go? The situation is terrible,” said Ngarivhume.

Ngarivhume chatting to some of the cyclone idai victims outside their tents in Chimanimani.
Ngarivhume continues his chat with one of the families affected by the deadly tropical cyclone.

A few weeks ago, President Mnangagwa was in Chimanimani to assess progress in the rebuilding efforts.

His wife Auxillia also made her own separate trip to Chimanimani and was filmed feeding children.

It remains to be seen what government is planning to do to end this terrible situation in Ngarivhume’s words.