Shock As Woman Bites Off Neighbour’s Lip, Sucks Blood
8 March 2021
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ANGER tells us that we need to take action to put something right.

It gives strength and energy as well as motivates one to act, although sometimes it can be irrational action.

For some people, anger can get out of control and cause problems with family members, neighbours and the law.

This was the case for a Zimunya woman who did the unthinkable on Monday when she bit off her neighbour’s lower lip and swallowed it.

The woman allegedly went on to suck her victim’s blood.

The macabre real life drama has left some Zimunya residents convinced that it was an act of vampirism.

The cause of the fight was rumour mongering involving the lady’s daughter-in-law who had told her that their neighbour was gossiping about her.

Emilia Madondo (47) was left nursing a gaping wound on her face after being attacked by Shamisai Nyakasvika.

The Weekender caught up with Madondo at the Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital on Tuesday.

She narrated the events that led to the horror attack.

“On Monday morning, I received a text message from Nyakasvika enquiring on why her daughter-in-law had been at my place on Sunday. She threatened to drag her daughter-in-law to my house to force her to marry my son.

“She accused me of trying to influence her daughter-in-law into finding alternative accommodation, yet I have always been pleading with the woman not to turn her back on her in-laws,” said Madondo.

She said Nyakasvika then attacked her when she had approached her for recourse.

“When I approached her seeking clarification on what she meant through the text message, she punched me all over the body. I stood my ground and fought back,” she said.

Madondo said they traded insults during their fight but things took a dramatic turn when neighbours intervened to stop the fight. Nyakasvika took advantage of her lapse in concentration to deliver the devastating blow.

“During the fight, saliva was drooling from her mouth like a rabid dog. When she bit me, I first thought it was a dog. When she finally released her grip on me, blood gushed from my lower lip.

“We looked for the chunk everywhere, but could not locate it; I think she swallowed it. She did not even spit the blood that came with the lip.

“There were bloodstains on her doorstep this morning. I am afraid that she either swallowed my lip or kept it for ritual purposes,” said Madondo as she struggled to talk.

In an interview with The Weekender, a neighbour who was only identified as Mai Gumbo said there has always been bad blood between the two women.

“Nyakasvika is always away at work and when she returns home, her daughter-in-law feeds her with information on what Madondo would have been saying about her. This is common knowledge in the hood.

“During the attack, Madondo tried to bite Nyakasvika’s breast, but she got more than what she had bargained for as the latter bit her lip. Both women are well known for using teeth in their fights,” she said.

Nyakasvika’s phone went unanswered when The Weekender tried to reach her for comment.

The matter was reported at Zimunya Police Station and the police said investigations are still in progress.- Manica Post