Gutu Ghost Thief’s Own Brother Hangs Self
4 June 2021
ghost thief

Younger brother to a suspected Gutu thief, who was arrested for stealing while clad in a skeleton-like costume and mask committed suicide on Monday.

People around him suspect he feared being arrested in connection with theft cases.

Musiiwa Gondoro, who is a brother to Norman Chagwiza went into hiding after the latter was arrested on May 27.

In fear of being arrested, he took his own life after warning his wife not disclose how he had acquired some of their household goods.

The case was attended by Zimbabwe Republic Police and CID Gutu Mupandawana.

He died on Monday before he was removed from the scene of his death on Tuesday afternoon.

It is reported that they would work in cahoots with his step-brother, breaking into houses of unsuspecting residents and stealing goods.

His wife, Spiwe Dandira said her husband had not been coming home since the arrest of his step-brother.

“He told me not to tell anyone and If am asked about the batteries we have, I had to tell them that he bought them.

“He told me to go home and that he would come and have his food.

“I waited for him at home but he did not show up before I decided to return to his hiding place where I searched for him.

“Unfortunately he was found by his friends while hanging from a tree in the mountain,” she said.

Musiiwa had been staying in the mountain for three days since the arrest of his brother.

“Since the day his step-brother was arrested for house breaking, he has not been stable before he decided to move to the mountain which became his new home.

“When I asked him what was going on he could not give a reasonable answer which led me to be suspicious,” added Dandira.

Musiiwa’s friend identified as Baba Brian said the deceased had been living in fear of arrest.

“From the time his brother was arrested, he knew he was next as the police were trying to recover everything and apprehending the suspects.

“The other Harare house breaking team was arrested and this made him fear to the worst prompting him to kill himself,” he said.