HlV And Aids’ll Still Destroy Africa For Decades to Come
26 June 2022
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By Pepukai Begede – AUTHOR Of Evolution of Communities | With the rapid technological changes happening globally coupled by rapid erosion of cultural values in Africa in the pretext of modernisation, l foresee disaster in the long run. Many of our new generation are increasingly becoming ignorant about HIV & Aids pandemic.

Hiv and Aids is still very active in Africa and especially in the Southern part of Africa. We may argue about why the Aids virus is more prevalent in Africa than any other continent? Such a question will however have to be set aside as dog’s meat for another day. We should in one way or the other be conscious and willing to analyse some conspiracy theories in the public domain concerning the prevalence of Hiv and Aids in Africa. If say the Agenda, as some sections imply, was to reduce the population of Africans in the continent then we should be more careful about how we handle this pandemic. It is not Covid19 but HIV we should fight harder than ever! Take note that this writer is an advocator for the preservation of African Cultures and Traditions which are the pillars that protect our moral fibre through the promotion of Abstinence and no sex before marriage values.

As Africans we are guided by our cultures and traditions to preserve our moral values. However, the moment our children are subconsciously taken away from these pillars of foundation then immoral behaviour becomes more rampant. In particular sexual immorality is becoming more prevalent in our societies and the ignorance of the existence of HIV & Aids will paralyse our nation. What would we expect from a generation being exposed to pornographic material at a tender age through the internet?

Statistical information on the ground are showing a resurgence in the number of HIV infections. This is a serious situation and if ignored we will one day wake up to find nearly half of our youthful population infected with this disease. It is becoming increasingly less popular to educate our youth about Abstinence and Preservation of our Cultural norms. We have to be vigilant once again or else we are facing a bleak future!