CCC Invades Bikita West
4 July 2022
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04 July 2022

…So long a narration…..

By Timoth Muswere

Amazing “Fare thee Will ” for Gogo Gutuza as CCC Invades Bikita West

There was a consoling ,yet memorable event in Bikita west on Sunday 03 July 2022. It was a Memorial service and tobstone unveiling for champion Gogo Gutuza who is also mother to Change Champion Gutuza. Even on her funeral the atmospheric nature has always been in a Change memorable manner.

Gogo Gutuza at her age had a passion for a better Great New Zimbabwe for the younger generation to prosper. This sense of humour is what lacks in the Zanu of counter parts where the elderly are biased to be the sole leaders of this country yet the young generation in the mould of President Chamisa have a girraffe binocularly vision which will sustain the future generation.

Several respected Change Champions were in attendance with a notable fleet of cars which drove drove several places and mainly Masvingo Urban to Remember and respect the life of a heroine.

The Zion Apostolic Church was a marvel to watch as they took the over thousand crowd by storm. The Gaza and Mukondo dancing routines were electric and energetic. The drum and hoshos left everyone in putting his dancing shoes and and swallowed his voice into song and dance.

Also present was our respected local media house Masvingo Mirror who were kept busy all day with ecstatic scenes and moments around the place.

During the way to Masvingo some few Zanu pf activists nearly got their violent demon manifesting as the Masvingo team stoped over for recess at Nyika growth point living out the place in Change mood. Indeed Gogo Gutuza will forever be remembered for her works.
Change Champion
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