President Chamisa Addresses Thousands In Chipinge
18 September 2022
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President Chamisa addresses rural Chipinge rally today

As “perceived” MDC T Masvingo urban councillor Beta dumps Mwonzora and attended CCC councillors meeting in Harare on Thursday.

17th September 2022

Wezhira Munya

Citizens Coalition for Change President Nelson Chamisa is expected to address a Thank You Rally in Chipinge today.

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) won ward 16 by election in rural Chipinge. CCC defeated Zanu PF, National Constitutional Assembly party among others.

Consequently, today, President Chamisa is thanking CCC supporters and Change champions for voting and trusting CCC.

CCC deputy spokesperson Ostallos said, “There are thousands of CCC supporters at the venue and there is great excitement. Chipinge is in yellow.”

On this week thursday, more than 400 CCC councillors from across both rural and urban areas met President Chamisa in Harare.

Interestingly, “perceived” MDC T Masvingo urban councillor Beta attended CCC councillors meeting on Thursday. Councillor Beta joined Masvingo urban CCC councillors who attended this meeting: Councillor Serina Maridza ward 1, Rocky Kamuzondo ward 3, councillor Daniel Mberikunshe ward 5, Councillor Aleck Tabe ward 4 and councillor Richard Musekiwa ward 7.

One of the Masvingo urban CCC councillors who refused to be named said, “Advocate Mayor Maboke did not attend CCC meeting because he had an urgent court meeting to attend.”

It means in Masvingo urban MDC T led by Mwonzora has lost all councillors.

In the past months, councillor Beta was attending and supporting MDC T led by Mwonzora. However, he has decided to throw Mwonzora and MDC T under the bus and joined CCC.

Commenting on councillor Beta’s new relationship with CCC, his friend who refused to be named said, “Councillor Beta has officially joined CCC. He has realized that MDC T is a Zanu PF project and MDC T has lost grassroots support as evident by high by election losses. He realized that his political career is dead in MDC T.”

Councillor Beta is serving his term, he first became a councillor in 2018.

Also, Masvingo urban ward 1 Councillor Serina Maridza dumped MDC T few month ago and now religiously attends CCC party meetings.

It’s now “officially” that Masvingo urban council have 7 CCC councillors, Zanu PF 3 and MDC T 0.

Furthermore, veteran politician, former MDC T led by Mwonzora secretary of local government and former MDC T led by late President Tsvangirai Masvingo provincial chairperson Mr Ben Chiondengwa dumped MDC T Mwonzora and joined CCC.

The top mining business man Mr Chiondegwa is supporting CCC party programs in Masvingo.

In Bulawayo urban , Mwonzora recalled ward 3 councillor Kambarami.Kambarami is CCC strong member and his was reinstated by the court. However, the vindictive MDC T president Mwonzora partnered with Zanu PF minister of local government to recall CCC councillor Kambarami.