Olinda Chapel Arrested
26 October 2022
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By Editorial Team: By the time Simba Chikanza began investigating Olinda Chapel’s frauds in 2021, she had already been caught and convicted for driving without a license, and her business had been disqualified by the CQC for taking short cuts which endangered vulnerable patients under her care.

Olinda Nkomo, 35, of Potefract Road, Bicester, admitted driving without a licence or insurance on the B4030, Weston-on-the-Green on October 3, court record states.

Chikanza never reported Miss Chapel to anyone for anything; all he has done since May 2021, is investigating and publishing news articles concerning her frauds.


Below is ZimEye’s preliminary response to businesswoman and UK jobs sponsor, Olinda Chapel’s statement following the cancellation of her Home Office license.

1. In her video on Tuesday afternoon the controversial businesswoman Olinda Chapel (OC) said she’s lost her sponsorship license because of Simba Chikanza, when the truth is she got herself into trouble after being advised in news editorials for over a year since May 2021; A year later she was in June 2022 overheard by paramedics audibly insulting/harrassing her Zimbabwean employee who had collapsed after being made to live inside a company property without electricity or gas for more than 3 days. The paramedics swiftly telephoned the police after seeing their patient being abused by her own employer after paying her more than GBP4,000 to purchase her way to the UK, when she was not supposed to pay anything to Chapel.

2. She also blames two other victims for losing her license when the truth is, after the Home Office had opened an investigation, they found that she was not at all qualified to train anyone, and the trainings she was charging USD400 per person through St Johns, Red Cross, were neither valid nor required.

In this way, Chapel clearly stole a potential hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, from her victims.

3. Olinda Chapel was busy issuing to employees the wrong CoS'(certificates of sponsorship) that are out of line with their qualifications putting them into danger with the Home Office when they land at the UK airport with a certificate that’s not their level, e.g she gave K’ (SURNAME WITHHELD) the CoS of a trained nurse when the young lady was just a carer. She could have been deported but ended up hooking to a genuine sponsor who later issued the appropriate CoS. The Home Office has unraveled many of these after investigsting her.

3. Following the investigation, victims also submitted to the Home Office ZimEye articles and live video evidence. Simba Chikanza never at any time contacted the Home Office for anything. He didn’t need to. He just investigated and published his stories for the public education and information.

4. Scores of Zimbabweans are still stranded in Zim and South Africa for more than 10 months, after unwittingly enriching Olinda Chapel with GBP5,000 per person, and one of them was hurriedly issued a CoS (by Chapel), in 24hrs following a live video investigation exposing Olinda Chapel’s frauds.

5. More findings are that Chapel was double charging people getting her paycheck from the Home Office, while at the same time charging people amounts up to GBP5,000 per person.

6. Olinda Chapel was also threatening and harrassing employees on social media threatening to punish them by withdrawing their licenses if they complain. The use of social media to pull digital crowds to harrass her victims and enforce fake realities was worrisome grade.

7. Olinda Chapel also spread falsehoods claiming she was the only sponsor affected because of ‘complaining Zimbabweans.’ She also announced claims purporting that Zimbabweans are the greatest problem among all job seekers. A simple scan of the list of sponsors whose licenses have been withdrawn shows that Zimbabwean employees are some of the least to complain among other nationals, and among Zim sponsors Chapel is the only one who has been stripped this month.

8. Olinda Chapel has appeared to read her full letter sent her from the Home Office, but did not supply the document to anyone. Those listening to her should challenge her to make full disclosure of the letter it its entirety if it is taken as authentic.

Meanwhile, the following are some notes: There is no official qualification required for carers; but it’s a different set of rules for senior carers. Senior carers need to have a qualification; Red Cross is not a qualification. Olinda Chapel is not the first person to have a post licence inspection . Home Office would not revoke a licence for this reason alone.