Luck Runs Out For Cable Thief Spotted By Bush Prayer Warrior
17 March 2023
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A 32-year-old copper cable thief ran out of luck when he was spotted trying to pack the stolen cables, in a bushy area by a man who was conducting prayers.

Tyson Ncube from Nketa 7 was driving a White TOYOTA HILUX when the informer spotted him and tipped off the police who arrived before he could load the stolen cables into his car.

The 4 x 50m copper cables had been hidden inside a swamp near Greengables farm in Umguza by Ncube and two other suspects who are still at large.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident and applauded members of the public for helping police curb copper cable theft which has resulted in some areas going for months without power.