Zanu PF, Chiefs Rejects Mazowe Rapists And Sex Predator Candidates
25 March 2023
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The ruling Zanu PF party in Mazowe district has vowed not to vote for aspiring candidates who are headlining sexual abuse scandals with the worst forms of incestous relationship (chipini) allegedly bringing taboo to the culturally conservative indigenous people of the Mashonaland Central province.

This follows the resurfacing of a lot of information of alleged adulterous relationships and rape cases that were long swiped under the carpet which reportedly has angered some traditional leaders including Chief Negomo and Chief Makope.

Mazowe Central legislator Sydney Chidamba is one of the candidates who has lost the respect of the traditional leaders after scandals of his 15 year old pupil rape were made public recently, Chidamba who is allegedly in a scandalous relationship with the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Tsitsi Gezi is also reported to be bedding his sister (name supplied) committing crimes of incest (chipini) in a suspected juju affair.“

The traditional leaders and Zanu PF grassroots supporters have poured scorn on Chidamba and his cabal for desecrating the district of Mazowe by practising unholy sexual relationships, the chiefs are not happy with cases of child rape, adultery, incest and abortions.“

Besides allegedly bedding own sister, the MP who is a longtime boyfriend to Tsitsi Gezi is reported to have been in another adulterous relation with Kakora councillor (name supplied), as a result of these calamitous sexual affairs Chidamba has been facing serious curses including rejection by family members accusing him of witchcraft and he has been troubled over the disintegration of his family with a divorce from his wife and with some of his kids in rehab over drug abuse,”revealed a source close to the traditional leaders.

Mazowe District is known for being the habitat of the spirit medium Mbuya Nehanda and it is reverred for its spiritual connection to the mystic powers of the ancestral spirits.

The people of Mazowe have a strong belief in the spiritual dominance over their socio economic affairs and believe such unholy practises by community leaders bring curses including famine, drought and natural disasters.

In the same vein, Tafadzwa Musarara who is a cousin to Chidamba is facing the same criticism from traditional leaders who have vowed to remove all uncleanliness in the next chapter of the New Dispensation, “remember chiefs remain the custodian of the moral law in our societies and henceforth they have been questioning the state of turmoil in the province to which they believe is being caused by dirty leadership.

“Musarara has a case to answer before the chiefs after impregnating a known Zanu PF youth (name supplied) before forcing her into abortion and latter dumped her after using her as his campaign manager during the DCC elections, this and other cases are annoying the traditional leaders,” said one Remegius Kaviya, a traditionalist from Mazowe.

Chidamba whose real name is Max Nherera is a fugitive from justice after fraud and murder cases he committed some few decades ago before hiding in one of the neighbouring countries resurfacing with anew name Sydney Chidamba.