ZEC Speaks On Ballot Papers
30 July 2023
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By- The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has said they have started printing ballot papers for the presidential election.

ZEC said this started following the conclusion of all court cases related to the election last weekend.
The process began soon after the Supreme Court dismissed an appeal on Friday by presidential aspirant Mr Saviour Kasukuwere seeking to overturn a High Court ruling barring him from contesting the August 23 election.
In an interview with The Sunday Mail, ZEC vice chairperson Ambassador Rodney Kiwa said: “We have no problem with the presidential ballot papers now that the courts have cleared us.
“We have started printing those ballot papers.
“However, the current court cases relating to National Assembly candidates are impacting the printing of ballot papers.”
He, however, refused to divulge whether ZEC had begun printing ballot papers for elections in National Assembly constituencies that have not been affected by court challenges.
Delays in finalising cases, he added, were hindering other election-related processes, such as postal voting.
“We have not yet distributed voting material to those taking part through postal voting.
“We received applications, and ZEC closed the receipt of applications.
“Our challenge now is to send three ballot papers for the presidential, National Assembly and local authority elections to those who qualify for postal voting.
“Although we are clear on the presidential ballot, we are not yet clear on the National Assembly.”
Postal voting is open to members of the uniformed forces and election officials intending to cast their votes ahead of the August 23 polls when they will be on official duty.
Those who qualify for postal voting include members of the disciplined forces, electoral officers, diplomatic and consular officials working outside the country and their spouses.
The process is open to those who apply not more than 14 days after sitting of the Nomination Court.
Successful applicants receive their voting material in advance and will be required to send their votes in sealed envelopes to the chief elections officer at least 14 days before polling day, which is Wednesday next week.
The chief elections officer is then supposed to distribute the postal votes to their respective constituencies within seven days of the date of the actual poll.
Chiefs Council
On Thursday, ZEC will conduct elections for members of the National Council of Chiefs, marking the first stage of the 2023 harmonised elections.
In an earlier separate interview, ZEC chief elections officer Mr Utloile Silaigwana said preparations for the elections to the council, which is constituted by an Act of Parliament to represent traditional chiefs across the country, were on course.
“The commission has already prepared the ballot paper for the election,” he said.
“It is important to note that the ballot paper is blank since the commission does not know the names of chiefs who will be nominated for election on August 3, 2023.
“The provincial assemblies of chiefs will meet on August 3, 2023 to elect members to their respective provincial council of chiefs.
“The combined provincial councils of chiefs become the National Council of Chiefs or simply the Council of Chiefs,” he said.
Thirty-six chiefs will be elected into the council — Manicaland (5), Mashonaland Central (4), Mashonaland East (4), Mashonaland West (4), Masvingo (5), Matabeleland North (5), Matabeleland South (4) and Midlands (5).