“Male Hospital Employee Molested Me” -Complainant
24 September 2023
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Man Seeks Justice After Alleged Molestation by Health Worker – Police Under Scrutiny

ESIGODINI, September 23, 2023 – A case of alleged molestation has shaken the community, as a man bravely seeks justice after claiming he was sexually assaulted by a male health worker from Mzingwane Health Centre. The victim alleges that the case has been swept under the carpet, raising concerns about police handling.

The accused health worker is accused of sending the victim US$30 as hush money following the incident. The victim’s efforts to obtain information on the case have hit a wall, as the police at Esigodini Police Station, where the complaint was lodged, have reportedly been uncooperative and failed to provide a case number when questioned by the victim’s family.

Matabeleland South Police spokesperson Inspector Loveness Mangena expressed surprise at the lack of information, saying, “I am not aware of that case yet. I will have to consult Esigodini police where the matter was reported and get details on Monday.”

According to a witness in the case, who also happens to be the victim’s brother, the alleged incident occurred on the night of September 5, 2023, at the health center where the victim had gone to retrieve his belongings.

The brother recounted, “My brother asked me to accompany him to the clinic to collect his belongings he had left when he had to go to a different station. He then opened up to me saying there was someone at work who was making sexual advances at him and sending him messages, so he was scared to visit the clinic alone.”

Allegedly, after collecting his belongings, the accused health worker called the victim into another room, leading to a confrontation.

Seeing that his initial approach had failed, the accused made another attempt, summoning the victim to sign for money. The witness described the horrifying scene: “I got there and heard my brother pleading with the man not to do what he wanted to do, and at this point, I kicked open the door only to find him having stripped my brother while he was half naked, touching my brother’s private parts and kissing him.”

A brawl ensued, drawing the attention of clinic staff, school officials, and others in the vicinity. The altercation resulted in damage to a glass door and test tubes at the clinic.

The accused health worker, naked, disappeared into the night. Esigodini Police Station officers responded to the scene, and both the victim and the witness provided statements.

However, subsequent attempts to obtain information about the progress of the case led to frustration for the victim’s family. They claim they were passed from one police officer to another, leaving them with doubts about the case’s status.

The victim’s brother expressed concern, stating, “The perpetrator is out there, and we want justice served. Last week, the police called my brother and asked us to come to Esigodini and make new statements, but my brother has not done that because of the trauma and pain he feels, reliving an ordeal he would rather not.”

Local sources close to the matter have expressed concerns that similar incidents may have occurred among male workers at the clinic in the past. There are also fears that students may have been affected, with cases potentially going unreported.

The accused health worker is alleged to have sent the victim US$30 as hush money after the attack before switching off his mobile phone. Efforts to obtain a comment from the accused have been unsuccessful.

The community is now calling for a thorough investigation into this distressing case, with many demanding transparency and accountability from the authorities.- state media