Zim Dancehall Star Ready To Overcome Drug Problems
28 March 2024
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ZIMDANCEHALL star, Dobba Don, who was battling drug abuse, is on the road to recovery which has seen him releasing a number of singles.

The Zimdancehall musician, known for hits such as Mudendere and Ndozvandiri before he went down a dark path after being hooked on drugs to a point of being homeless, is now on the recovery path.

The chanter, who recently bounced back on the music scene with two songs, has seen it all when it comes to drug addiction.

“Peer pressure got me into this. Some people introduced me into drugs and that was my downfall.

During that time, I didn’t even remember to wash my own clothes or eat. No one even wanted to work with me because it was evident that I was not sober. But I thank God i have now recovered and i am back on track,” he said.

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