Chamisas ‘Blue Beast’ Dupes Police Officers
7 April 2024
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Nelson Chamisa’s Blue Movement Outmaneuvers Police in Workshop ControversyIn an unexpected turn of events, Nelson Chamisa’s Blue Movement successfully outwitted the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) yesterday, holding a major workshop in secret while police officers camped at a different location.

The incident, as reported by the Masvingo Mirror, unfolded in Mucheke Hall where Superintendent Elizabeth Chipfakacha and her team were stationed to prevent the gathering of over 130 cluster leaders from across the nation.



The cluster leaders, representing each district along with the movement’s administrative officers, were initially set to convene at Mucheke Hall.


However, upon learning of the police blockade, Chamisa’s loyalists discreetly relocated the venue to Chevron, effectively bypassing the police presence.



The workshop proceeded without interruption, unbeknownst to the officers who spent the entire day at the original site.Sources close to the situation have highlighted that the police’s attempt to bar the workshop was not only unsuccessful but also deemed unlawful, raising questions about the justification behind their intervention.



The police were only made aware of the successful relocation and completion of the meeting earlier today.This incident marks a significant challenge to the authorities by Chamisa’s Blue Movement and underscores the ongoing tensions between opposition groups and governmental forces in Zimbabwe.


Further developments are awaited as both sides recalibrate their strategies in this political chess game.