Marry Chiwenga Amputated Again As Govt Continue Denying Her Passport
23 June 2024
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By A Correspondent | ZimEye | Harare, Zimbabwe– In a heartbreaking turn of events, Marry Mubaiwa, the estranged wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, has undergone another amputation—this time, losing her left leg. This second amputation, following the removal of her right arm in 2022, underscores the severe deterioration of her health, which could have been mitigated had she been allowed to seek medical treatment abroad.

Marry Chiwenga when she had both arms and both legs 

Mubaiwa’s health issues, stemming from acute lymphoedema and the spontaneous formation of abscesses, have resulted in large, open wounds on her limbs. Despite the life-threatening nature of her condition, she has been denied her passport due to bail conditions related to charges she faces, including alleged attempted murder of the Vice President.

The decision to amputate her leg was made over a week ago after extensive counseling sessions aimed at preparing her for the inevitable procedure, necessitated by gangrene that had rendered her leg unsalvageable.

In a 2020 phone call, Vice President Chiwenga’s personal assistant vehemently rebuffed ZimEye’s Simba Chikanza’s inquiries about Mubaiwa’s denied passport and her deteriorating health. The exchange highlighted the indifference of the authorities towards Mubaiwa’s plight, marking the beginning of a grim chapter in her ongoing ordeal.

### Transcript Excerpt of 2020 Call:

**VP Chiwenga (VP):** Who is talking?

**SC:** It is Chikanza (SC).

**VP:** Which Chikanza?

**SC:** Can you hear me, VP?

**VP:** No, it is not VP talking to you.

**SC:** From ZimEye Media. I had phoned about the issue of Marry Chiwenga, his wife, being deprived of her passport.

**VP:** Where do you come in? What is your role in all this?

**SC:** I come in as a newsman and a community person concerned with issues of law and the VP’s reputation as a leader. Don’t you think this matter damages our community, portraying us as cruel to women?

**VP:** Now go and get the help of lawyers!

**SC:** But no, this matter has nothing to do with lawyers; it’s about us as a community of Zimbabweans.

**VP:** You are going against me when I am telling you what to do?

**SC:** Of course, I have to do this because you are damaging the country. Are you not?

**VP:** Now I don’t want to talk to you anymore. It is not the Vice President who is talking to you…

The conversation ended abruptly, symbolizing the cold shoulder Mubaiwa’s cries for help have consistently met.

Continued Health Deterioration

Mubaiwa’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, was quoted by the weekly Standard expressing devastation over the recent developments. “There is really nothing to say,” she sighed. “It’s probably one of the most traumatic cases that I have ever dealt with. We hope that we can find closure one day on this…”

Mubaiwa’s mother, Helga, has been a pillar of strength, often seen seeking solace in church. She has previously opened up about her daughter’s ordeal, attributing her survival to divine grace amidst this harrowing period.

### Legal and Medical Struggles

Mubaiwa’s health has been a contentious issue in the legal arena, with courts frequently insisting on her attendance at hearings despite clear signs of her severe ailment. On several occasions, she has been brought to court in an ambulance, and there have been instances where proceedings were disrupted due to her condition, such as when she vomited in the dock or dozed off during trials.

The ex-model stands accused of attempting to kill Chiwenga while he was hospitalized in South Africa in 2019. Allegedly, she tried to remove life support devices and forcibly take him out of the hospital. These charges add to the complex and tragic narrative of her life, overshadowed by severe health challenges and legal battles.

In a stark contrast to her suffering, Vice President Chiwenga successfully sought medical treatment in China, resulting in his full recovery. Meanwhile, Mubaiwa continues to fight for her life within the confines of local healthcare facilities, shackled by judicial restrictions.

### Divorce and Public Outcry

In 2022, the High Court validated Chiwenga’s traditional divorce from Mubaiwa, marked by a payment of a token sum of US$100, known as gupuro in Shona. This act further severed ties, leaving Mubaiwa to navigate her health crisis and legal troubles alone.

Simba Chikanza and other journalists continue to spotlight her story, hoping to ignite public outcry and bring attention to her dire situation. Mubaiwa’s journey from a celebrated model to a symbol of relentless persecution is a stark reminder of the disparities in justice and human rights within Zimbabwe.

As the nation watches, the call for compassion and justice grows louder, demanding an end to the suffering and a chance for Mubaiwa to receive the care she so desperately needs.